Friday, March 22, 2013

Lets March Together Towards Light And Remove Darkness

Everybody love to see this beautiful world through their own eyes.Its so colorful and gives us positive energy ,when one can't, what happened to him or her specially when he or she are from low income group or orphan.

We love to celebrate our birthday with lots of people when one can't because one don't know  birthday or  might have born into a dustbin and  was suffering from multiple disability .

Some body want to play football,chess,love to participate in sports,want to go for adventure,want to continue his/her study.But  parents don't have money to spend  because they are poor villager and he/she can't see from birth or lost  vision after some years or  have other problem but believe me all of them are specially or differently able..

All of you may say it is impossible to give them a chance for free of cost.But I will say yes! everything is possible in this world if you have will to win.
All of them can come and join to continue their passion absolutely free of cost(including fooding and lodging) to a new world. Name of this world is "Voice Of World".

Gargi Gupta founder of this organisation started this organisation in the year 1992 after her father's death from her home at North Kolkata of West Bengal.

Here I will share her some amazing work.When she started working for visually impared she noticed they don't have Bengali Braille book for their higher studies.She learned Braille and taking help of software engineer with the help of COREL Draw software she develops typing  of Braille(Bengali Script) in computer .She demonstrated it to WEBEL and they accepted it.
every child of this organisation has their daring real life story here I will share two.
one is about Rani .
Rani was not able to move her hands and legs when she came from an orphan home.She suffered from malnutrition when she was in her mother's womb.Since she left by her family mother after delivery, further malnutrition develops.When 'home' people handed over her to "Voice of World" Rani was suffering from  slight blindness and dumbness. She was over weight because till that time 'home' people  fed her milk only.In 'Voice of World' she got company of others.One day Chhandadi  retd from a bank was with her .She realized that as  there was no movement of hands and legs due to no development in muscles.Then she suggest that her condition may improve by some physiotherapy .She and Tripti  Lahiri(her son Soumen is music teacher in this organisation) had gone to "Rehabilitation Centres For Children".After regular physiotherapy from 2009 to 2010, now Rani can move her hand and leg.She can walk with a support.But her waist is not yet strong.Doctor says she can walk on her own after six month.

Piyali, young girl who spend her first 12 yrs in a hospital. You will be curious why so? Because hospital people found her 12 yrs back when she left behind. Since she was blind they keep her with extra care. But her world was hospital bed , bathroom , that's it.Interaction with some hospital staff very rarely. She don't even know that the world is so big, there can be another home, diff type vehicle and so many things and persons. Surprisingly she don't even used the staircase of that hospital. When Voice Of World people take her by vehicle she became frightened and shouted "what is it? why it is moving?"

You can say her learning process begins from that day, what should have been from day one of her childhood. Now she is happy to be a part of bigger family and helping others(that attitude also develop after coming here, she was only recipient of the service in hospital).She got her new name."Feli"  turns " Piyali"       Now she is didi (elder sister) of so many children and lovely sister for so many elders.One day I just entered  in the girl's hostel. Suddenly noticed one visually challenged girl took out a sweater from the cloths come through donation and felt  that it is little bit long for her, she moved to her new didi and started checking whether its fits her or not  when she felt flash light on her face she became  shy. This is the daily scenario of their growing family.

Founder Ms Gargi Gupta feels may be she can appear for 10th exam within 5/6 yrs if everything goes smoothly. She told me that this girl is very intelligent. When I met her she was busy with a orthopedically handicapped child.
 Now she can move on her own in the three storied building at Sakherbazar unit of Voice Of World. Another day I saw her when she was exploring structure of cycle by the sense of touch.In 2011 she had been to adventure program to Yunam peak arranged by Voice Of World.She crossed Baralachla and been to 16500ft +.

This year Sampa Mandol who belong to a remote village of Sunderban won 3 Gold medal in National selection for Paralympic but may be she will miss again Paralympic(she missed previous paralympic too) due to lack of fund(no sponsorer).

Voice Of World has been running a Computerised Braille Press since 1998 where they publish diff  educative books.They publish 'Sharadiya' in Braille every year during durga Puja where short stories,poems,articles are written by visually handicapped students.
In a short Voice Of World give reader service,they have talking book library,writer service,Adult education scheme,They provide stipens to their sightless students.
They are constantly working in social rehabilitation for their students(telephone booth,employment, preparation for SSC exams,regular computer course,trained to make candles,jam,jelly etc,trained the talented students in music to take up the teaching profession in music, training in weaving and physiotherapy,free medical camp,rock climbing,camping,mountaineering etc).

This year on 12th May 2013 they are going to Chaukhamba base camp via Badrinath and Mana village.Till date no sponsorship or grant for that program.let see what almighty are thinking for them.This BLOG may not win the prize but thanks to Indiblogger and Idiya for giving me opportunity to tell about some innovative ideas of Voice Of World  and doing challenging works towards discrimination and exclusion by providing opportumities to people with Visual Impairement.Jai Hind.


  1. Nice to hear about Voice of World. May God bless the efforts you take to bring light into the lives of these visually challenged children.