Friday, September 17, 2010

World Changes After Twelve Years

Today I will share you a story of young girl who spend her first 12 yrs in a hospital. You will be curious why so? Because hospital people found her 12 yrs back when she left behind. Since she was blind they keep her with extra care. But her world was hospital bed , bathroom , that's it.Interaction with some hospital staff very rarely. She don't even know that the world is so big, there can be another home, diff type vehicle and so many things and persons. Surprisingly she don't even used the staircase of that hospital. When Voice Of World people take her by vehicle she became frightened and shouted "what is it? why it is moving?"

You can say her learning process begins from that day, what should have been from day one of her childhood. Now she is happy to be a part of bigger family and helping others(that attitude also develop after coming here, she was only recipient of the service in hospital).She got her new name."Feli"  turns " Piyali"       Now she is didi (elder sister) of so many children and lovely sister for so many elders.One day I just entered  in the girl's hostel. Suddenly noticed one visually challenged girl took out a sweater from the cloths come through donation and felt  that it is little bit long for her, she moved to her new didi and started checking whether its fits her or not  when she felt flash light on her face she became  shy. This is the daily scenario of their growing family.
 Piyali started learning Braille.

Shampa is teaching Piyali Braille

Founder Ms Gargi Gupta feels may be she can appear for 10th exam within 5/6 yrs if everything goes smoothly. She told me that this girl is very intelligent. When I met her she was busy with a orthopedically handicapped child.
 Now she can move on her own in the three storied building at Sakherbazar unit of Voice Of World. Another day I saw her when she was exploring structure of cycle by the sense of touch.
 Let us pray to almighty that she can pick up the study fast and become independent.


  1. A real fighter.... salute to her.... with all my love & regards... God Bless !!

  2. I also pray to God to made her independent as fast as possible